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silmar sendin

Civil and Safety Engineer - Fire protection specialist 

am I?

I am civil and safety engineer and I teach about fire protection engineering on six college today. I worked by 25 years as fire inspector on São Paulo State Fire Department in Brazil.

I developed this site to share the materials of my classes to my students and every people who wish learn about fire protection engineering.

All materials of my classes are free because I believe I have the mission to turn our country and the entire world more safety place to live. The fire destroy to many lifes every year and We can reduce this number.

Fell free to participe the foruns , blog, give your opinion, sugestions and ask new contents.

God blesses you.




Reunião da ABNT - Revisão da NBR 17.505

Instituto Brasileiro do Petróleo - Rio de Janeiro



Aula aspéctos econômicos, políticos e sociais, a história do prevencionismo

Escola de engenharia de Piracicaba



Aula entidades Públicas e Privadas da área de Segurança.

Escola de Engenharia de Piracicaba

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Liverpool - UK - 2008

Em 2008 trabalhamos como fotógrafo Oficial do World Firefighter Games na cidade de Liverpool - Reino Unido, a equipe era formada por mais 4 fotógrafos: Warren Morris, Tony Thomas, Julia Reid e Chris Philips.

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